“Those who can, do, and those who can do more, volunteer”


Volunteer 服务 primarily include:

  • Staffing and operating The Bargain Boutique Fine Thrift & 礼物
  • Assisting with community health screenings
  • Awarding an annual health related scholarship
  • Organizing semi-annual community blood drive


In the mid-1970’s a group of volunteers gathered together to start and operate a gift shop located within the hospital. They made layettes, saved Betty Crocker stamps to purchase silverware for new babies, sold cookies and popcorn and helped patients with phone calls, newspapers and letters.

By 1978 the group reorganized and eventually opened a thrift shop, The Bargain Boutique, on Main Street in Quincy. Proceeds were, and still are, used to help the hospital purchase equipment. The group is proud to recount their first major donation in the mid-1980’s, new lobby furniture valued at over $2000. Today, The Bargain Boutique is the main source of income for the volunteers. Over $800,000 has been donated to PDH for equipment and student scholarships.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Gloria Boland, President
Linda Little, President Elect
Barbara Vineyard, Treasurer
Marilyn Christensen, Treasurer Elect
Kathy Taylor, Corresponding Secretary
Carla Hamilton, Recording Secretary


Make a difference by donating to The Bargain Boutique Fine Thrift & 礼物, located at 405 W. Main Street in downtown Quincy.

We are happy to accept your clean and usable donations during our business hours. There is a list of items we cannot accept which is posted at our store.

PDH 志愿者 is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Charitable donations are deductible as allowed by law. A donor receipt is available upon request.


Plumas District Hospital 志愿者 are offering five scholarship awards to residents or graduates of a high school within the Plumas Hospital district. Award amounts are: (1) $2000, (2) $1000, and (2) $500. Qualifying candidates must have completed a minimum of one year in health-related academic studies or one year of employment in the healthcare field. Application deadline is Friday, April 19, 2024.

If you have any questions, email Denise at jpquincy@yahoo.com

Plumas District Hospital 志愿者

P.O. 651箱


Become a volunteer

Being a volunteer gives the opportunity to give to others and give something back to the community. If you are interested in joining the Plumas District Hospital 志愿者, please visit and speak with us at the Bargain Boutique Fine Thrift and 礼物 at 405 Main Street in downtown Quincy.


志愿者 Support Plumas District Hospital

一年 支架类型 总计
1982-2023 奖学金s Presented $81,000.00
1982-2010 Equipment 捐款 $362,296.00
2011 急诊室动力轮床 $12,781.46
高分辨率. 监控 $8,935.16
Neo Blu Newborn Phototherapy Light $1,875.25
2012 Pfilates Bio-Feedback Equipment $21,000.00
Transdermal Bilirubin Meter $5,000.00
Pediatric Push Cart $1,800.00
2014 Digital Mammography $40,000.00
2015 ER Central Station EKG $15,829.48
救护车基金 $20,000.00
2016 Adopt-A-Room (Labor & 交付# 103) $17,500.00
厨房炉灶 $2,569.58
“内政大臣Jacqui厕所” $950.63
2017 Sonosite Portable Ultrasound $38,918.76
Pedi-Poser椅子 $4,181.00
Adopt-A-Room (second room) $18,500.00
2018 Lobby furniture in all seven (7) of our waiting rooms – main hospital lobby, 放射学, 实验室, 牙科诊所, North Fork clinic, Quincy clinic and Indian Valley clinic $25,000.00
New hospital beds and other inpatient room furniture $44,357.05
Vapotherm $7,752.95
2019 Birthing Education Video $421.04
2020 BioFire $57,910.29
2021 用扫描仪 $27,997.46
2022 Tru-D Smart UVC Disinfection Robot $71,000.00
Four Digital Handrail Scales $12,000.00
Four Buzzy Procedural Pain Relief Devices $600.00
-------------- --------------
总计 $891,179.11





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